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Kobo Agency: Welcome

About us

We are a reputable agency based in the United of Kingdom, with in-country offices in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, offering a versatile range of services. We serve the Congolese community abroad and those visiting the DRC by providing an accountable, convenient, organised, and secure way for them to meet their personal, family and business needs back home.

KOBO Business Consultancy and Supervision

We’ve mastered the ins and outs of doing business in the region and established structures in the right places to ease the burden of running micro, small, and medium enterprises locally. Our skilled team of business consultants and supervisors consists of professionals with hands-on experience in different sectors to help your business succeed long-term. 

Specifically, we have:
1.    Experts on the ground to oversee your business operations and ensure everything works smoothly. 
2.    Trusted specialists who understand the country’s market trends to help you identify new business opportunities and find innovative ways to venture into new markets. 
We also have efficient systems to help you overcome various administrative challenges, ensuring your business stays in compliance with Congo’s regulations and operates profitably.

KOBO Chauffeur

KOBO Transport is a professional chauffeur service that provides reliable transportation within the DRC. We aim to cater to all your transportation needs whenever you visit the country, so you can move around safely and enjoy your stay without any stress. 


Our top-notch chauffeur services are tailor-made to your specific requirements and remain flexible to the changing needs of your trip. Whether you are travelling alone or as a group - for hours, days, weeks, or months – on business, humanitarian work, or simply visiting family, we will be there to ride with you from the moment you arrive till the end.

KOBO Foods

Ensuring your loved ones are well-fed back at home has never been easier thanks to K.F – our food shopping and delivery service. We shop for groceries and other food items on your behalf and deliver them to your family at their doorstep. 


With Kobo Foods, you no longer have to worry whether your loved ones are getting the nutrition they need or not. All you have to do is list out all the food items your family requires (including their quantities) and select the frequency of delivery. We then shop and deliver fresh and high-quality food items following your specifications. You can modify your list as you wish and are free to cancel the service anytime. 


This service is available across different food packages (Small, Medium, Big Extra Big, and Plus) starting from £35.00

KOBO Construction material

Founded on the principles of trust and transparency, KOBO Construction Material is a building materials shopping and delivery service that makes it easy for you to stay on top of your construction projects in the DRC.


We give you accurate information on the quality and price of building materials in the country, so you choose the best products for your specific project with your budget in mind. We also help you shop and deliver your selected materials to the construction site, ensuring everything goes smoothly.


What’s more? Through KOBO Construction Material , you are free to pick the design and colour of the materials used for construction, bringing your project to life as imagined. You can also seek advice on all building-related matters from our trusted experts in the industry.

Our KOBO Construction Material service is available as required for building materials shopping of $300 and above. The delivery fee is charged separately depending on the location of delivery.

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