Vision & Mission

We care about you and your business.

And we are 100% committed to working with you to help you succeed at every stage of your business journey while giving back to the community.

Professionalism Trust Transparency Teamwork Integrity Inclusivity Accountability Passion


Our Mission

Core Values

To be the leading and most trusted in-country business consultancy firm for Congolese local business owners across the world.

To provide affordable and reliable solutions for the performance, production, logistics, marketing, and financial challenges facing micro, small and mid-size businesses operating in the DRC while creating job opportunities for local community members.

We work together to build a world bigger than ourselves as individuals.
Ours is a unique unit focused on delivering sustained results that make a difference for your business and have a lasting positive impact on your customers and the entire community.

Ready to Grow?

London Office

International House
10 Beaufort Court
Admirals Ways
Canary Wharf

Congo Office

Galerie Efra
42 Av. Victoire
Kalamu / Kinshasa
Democratic Republic of Congo


Landline No:
+44 20 3839 7000

Mobile WhatsApp No.
+44 7417 588363

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